Signature Stamp - For business or personal

Signature Stamp - For business or personal

  • $39.95

Custom Pre-inked signature stamp. Create a stamp with your own signature. 
If you sign your name over and over each day, this stamp would save you time. The signature stamp comes in black ink or blue ink.


* Design - You will need to submit your signature in a .jpg format at 300 dpi. It must be signed with black ink. Please see "HOW TO ORDER" section below for details.

* Size - The stamp imprint is approximately 2- 2 1/2" wide by 3/4" high, depending on your exact signature.

* Pre-inked, good for thousands of impressions. Black or blue premium ink.

We use eco-friendly stamps and top-quality ink for your stamp!



1) Sign your name with a medium point black pen on a white sheet of un-ruled (no lines) paper.
Sign your name several times and select the signature that you feel looks the best. Please keep pressure on the pen while signing to get the best results.

2) Scan your best signature on your computer to create a computer generated file, preferably in a tiff (*.tif) or jpeg (*.jpg) file format. Please scan your signature between 150 to 300 dpi (300 dpi produces the better results).

3) After purchasing the signature stamp, please send us the .jpg of your signature, that you created using the information above. Email to

4) We may have to adjust the size of your signature to fit on the stamp. The signature size will be approximately 2-2 1/4" wide by 3/4" high depending on the signature. If you want it bigger or smaller, please let us know.


We will email you a proof for your approval. Please be on the lookout for our email within 2 days of ordering (M-F).



Your stamp is a custom order; please allow 2 to 5 days for your handcrafted stamp to be produced, after proof approval. This does not include shipping time.

Your order will be shipped USPS First Class. Please note that we have no control over the time it takes USPS to deliver your order, but it's usually 2-7 days for US orders. Expect international shipping to take longer.


We look forward to making your signature stamp.
Mindy and Peggy

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